GPS Fleet Tracking with Driver ID and starter lockout

No Theft GPS now offers a full feature vehicle and Heavy Equipment GPS tracking system. All of our GPS systems utilize the CDMA network, Backup battery, and a starter lockout upgrade. This is how our driver lockout system works. Your operator must touch his or her ID key tag to the sensor button installed on the dash panel before the vehicle will start. Once the key tag is touched the GPS interface sends the drivers ID to your company private tracking site. Your equipment is protected from theft and unwanted use of equipment on the job site. The GPS data is saved and allows you to identify which employee is in what vehicle in real time as well as keeping history of all events.

  • Driver Accountability: Who was speeding in “Service Truck 2” last Friday at 5:30pm?
  • Vehicle Damage: Know the operator responsible for any damage done during operation.
  • Payroll: It is easy to confirm a time frame for billing and time card.
  • Anti Theft: Only persons with an ID key tag will have thee ability to start your equipment.
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Your order comes with 3 key tags, one touch receiver, one GPS control module, one 30 amp relay with harness and the first year of personal website access. $479.00 multi unit fleet discounts.

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